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Brief description background:  I’m Zachary Boulanger, a 16 year old senior at St Malachy’s High School. I got into this program because it was a super exciting opportunity that was not at school.

General business idea: My company is called Misfit Theatre. It is, as a new theatre company dedicated to bringing Saint John a unique entertainment experience, and producing meaningful content powerful enough to alter the way people perceive the world.

Assistance: I require a team of people in various fields. I need help with marketing and promotions, actors and directors, and I will need financial assistance to be able to host productions.

Current state:  Misfit Theatre is currently planning for their first production which will be at the end of February. Auditions will be held at Connexionworks on December 13th at 7PM and 16th at 2PM.



My name is Jessie Smith I am 17 years old I attend Saint John High School am I am currently in grade 12. I live in Grand Bay-Westfield and I have always loved every animal I have ever laid my eyes on.

My business idea is an app to help animals find a forever home and help people who must give their animals away find the best home for their pet and help you find an animal that meets your wants and the animals needs to have a happy life for both animals and people.

I need an app generator and some sponsors to make everything possible. I would also like to connect with pet stores and maybe use their store and put ads/ coupons on my app so pet adopters know that we have the resources they need here in the city.

I have most of my ideas set up, I just need to expand my connections and connect with the correct people to make my dream become a reality.




Saaed Badday

My name is Saaed Badday and I am 16 years old, I came to Canada from Dubai (UAE) when I was 12 years old, I currently live in Saint John and I attend Saint Malachy’s Memorial High School.

I am working on SimpleService; a phone app designed for people who have trouble finding services such as plumbing, snow removals, electrical services, etc.

I am looking for professional app developers to help me develop the app needed for my business.

I currently have an app sketch with some of the benefits/features that will be on the final stage of the app, unfortunately the app is still private until it is completed.



My name is Chloé Burton, I am a grade 12 student and I attend Saint Malachy’s Memorial High School.

My business idea is a products called Acne Action. Acne Action solves the acne problem with a unique, all natural, and cruelty free treatment. This miracle products will get even sensitive skin clear fast, while using ingredients everyone can pronounce, and being sold at an affordable cost.

I am looking for mentorship in sales, and also possible connections to access resources such as ingredients for the natural mixture and packaging at a low cost to allow the product to be sold to the general public at an affordable price.

My business is still under development. I do not have a set packaging, price, or resource for ingredients. But the product is tested, and has given positive results for both sales and effectiveness

I am in the process of research and development. I have launched Acne Action last year at two high school markets and it was a roaring success in sales and the need for this product is evident. I would like to do more market research outside of the high schools to get a better idea of who the demographics are.

My LinkedIn is: Chloé Burton.

My Email is:


My name is Liam Johnson, I am 16 years old and I’m a student at Harbour View High School.

My business idea is to become an artist for comics and graphic novels so I can share stories. I am currently working on a graphic novel about giant monsters.

Assistance I need would be artists who are more experienced in drawing and digital art as well as publishers.

Current state of my project: Brainstorming and ideation.




My name is Juliette Poziomka, I am a grade 12 student at Harbour View High School.

My business idea is to create an innovative phone accessory to keep your earbuds from getting tangled.

I could use assistance from someone that understands how to run a successful business online.               

I am currently in the ideation phase.


LinkedIn: Juliette Poziomka


My name is James Quinn, I’m in grade 11 at St. Malachy’s Memorial High school.

Business: J’s Flies

What is J’s Flies? I make and sell authentic fishing flies. Fly tying is a lost trade not many people have done it before.

What I need: in need to get my flies in store,

Where I am: In production, and need sales.




My name is Kristy Logan, I am a 17 year old grade 12 student at Simonds High.

My business idea is to connect foster youth to financial support for post-secondary education.

I am looking for assistance from community colleges, universities, resource centres, and people connected with foster youth.

I am currently doing general research for my business.




My name is Caleb Whittier and I am 16 of age. I am a grade 12 student and I attend Harbour View High School.

My general business idea is Action Leap Games (video games development) and its current state is ideation.

Resources/Mentors I need would be people that can code.




My name is Luc. I’m an 18 year old entrepreneur at St Malachy’s High School in hopes to reduce the poverty rate in Saint John through a clothing line.

The clothing line will vary in items from hats to hoodies in a stylish manner to support this problem.

Reaching out to Graphic Designers, community leaders, Safe Harbour, manufacturers, and finally retailers.

Are current state of business is reaching out to Safe Harbor House and connecting with the community so more people know about the ways the city is supporting the poverty rate and in hopes to increase the support.

Linked in –

Email –


My name is Kiernan. I’m 16 years old, and I am an entrepreneur who has a really big passion for music. I grew up around music my whole life and me and my mom both really love music and I’ve always wanted to be a musician of some sort.

My general idea is to recreate music for the world. I want to produce only clean music, and create a radio station for many parts of the world and for company’s so they can have different clean music every day.

For my mentor I will be asking a musician for skills and questions I may have that I didn’t know/ wanted to know for music.

My current state of my project is learning the equipment and how to use it. I am also currently designing a logo, and then I plan to create a website.



I’m Jericho Valle and I am 17 years old. I’m from the Philippines and have been here in Canada for 4 years. I just got in to video editing a few months ago and I enjoy it.  I started giving it more time so I can practice and get better. I’m the chapter head of Kids for Christ New Brunswick and that means that I’m the one in charge of whoever joins Kids for Christ in New Brunswick. My dream is to be a police officer or any job that enforces the law, I’m heading off to Oulton College next year to take their Policing and Corrections course.   I am hoping that I will be able to one day join the RCMP.

My business idea is to create a website where companies will send me footage so I can edit it to their needs and I can post it back in the website where it can be downloaded.

Currently I am hoping to be hired as video editor for Brilliant Labs. For mentorship, I have 2 students that work for Brilliant Labs that have years of experience with video editing. Resource wise, I could use a better setup than what I have, but that will come with time.

For now, I create videos for myself or my youth group. Promotional videos, ‘epic’ edits that I post on Instagram but I don’t earn money off of those, I do it for the fun of it. Getting paid by doing something that I love would definitely be a huge step up for me.


My name is Prince Charles Garbin, 16 years old and I live in Pennfield, New Brunswick. I love playing sports like badminton, soccer and basketball. In the Philippines I played a lot of basketball.  I play on every team this year and I have training almost every weekend. When I get bored in the Philippines I would play guitar and watch tutorials on YouTube. I love eating fruits, veggies and things that are sweet. I love listening to music. I have many dreams and goals in my life.  I would like to be a Flight Attendant and be a successful business man.

My business idea is to create sports accessories.

Things that I need are a mentor to help me figure out what I need to do with my business.


My name is Colby Lomax. I’m a 16 year old who loves sports, Video games, video editing, and clothing. I love to rock new shoes and nice shirts.

My business idea is to design clothes that myself and others will be able to wear and enjoy. Something that is different and stands out.

In order to be successful I will for sure need someone who knows about clothing and how to build a successful business.  I am currently brainstorming about what kind of designs I want on my clothing.


Lucas French

I would like to start a food truck, or a small restaurant.

I could use a great deal of help with rules and regulations as far as selling food goes and opening up a restaurant and or food truck. Resources I would need help with are creating a budget and as always advice on anything would be welcomed.

I am currently at the market research stage for my business.


Who am I?

I am a 17 year old student in his last year of high school. I have recently become involved in the Canadian Armed Forces in 3FD Artillery. I attend Saint John High School with a passion for the History and Art. I participate in events such as provincial Marksmanship teams and individual entrant also regional and national heritage fairs. I was a dedicated member of the Air Cadet program as I have finished five years of service. A few of my hobbies include, painting murals for the city, and maintaining twenty jaw dropping fish tanks. My family is largely infused with the entrepreneurial background. This is due to the fact that my mother started her own successful daycare and is growing with two more campuses in the city for 2019 and having made many connections within the city. My father is a carpenter and does renovations for many clients.

Another Possible Success Story?

My business plan is a ticket into entering the successful business field. My business is built off of the beauty of fish, and their intense amount of maintenance. This includes lessons on how to maintain fish tanks and keeping fish healthy in a healthy environment. In my business, I remove the stress of maintaining fish tanks for the customer. The customer also has the option to request a custom built fish tank in which I would create. This business is a very complex business and everything has to be done very precisely to ensure the health of the fish is top priority. My company will come on a bi-weekly bases to perform a top to bottom service on the customer’s fish tank in order to ensure everything is running perfectly. If the client wishes to have a custom tank built, we can do that.  This is a special service that is more costly, but provides a peaceful environment for one’s mind. If the client purchases a tank larger than ten gallons, 10% of the cost will go to Anti-Suicide Prevention. Furthermore, customers may not only be adding life to their homes, but also saving lives.


Hello my names is Sebastian Morrow, a student from Saint Malachy’s Memorial High. I am a 17 year old entrepreneur.

My business is going to be a clothing brand that will support the local Safe Harbour House by contributing needed items or profit from each sale made.

We will need to reach out to graphic art designers and to safe harbour house them self, to see what specific things they will need.later on in our endeavor we will need to get in contact with a distributor and a company to supply our clothing. Retailers and local supporters to wear our clothing will be greatly needed as well.

Our current state of business is reaching out to safe harbour house and connecting with the community so more people know about safe harbour or just what we are doing as social entrepreneurs.


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