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The Human Shield Exercise


  1. Create your own personal shield (coat of arms) by drawing the shield and providing the required information in each section.
  2. Be Creative!! This represents you!!

Here’s a video of Michelle Lodge introducing The Human Shield Exercise and it’s values:



Co-Working Spaces Are Redefining
What It Means To Go To The Office

  • The labor force has shifted away from big companies, unions and permanent sites and has shifted towards contractors, mobility and smaller term employment.
  • Since 2010, 80% of new jobs in New Brunswick have been created by small businesses.
  • As companies/employers have become smaller, work spaces have evolved. They are more dynamic and flexible.
  • Co-working spaces are designed to provide for the office needs of the new economy. To encourage team work over competition.  Creativity over conformity.
  • The space is designed to allow for the free exchange of ideas.
  • Companies can ‘rent’ a desk for a day, meeting rooms, technology or have a monthly membership with varying levels of service.
  • Connexionworks is a ‘non-profit’ organization (which means that all the profits earned go back into the company)

2017 Overview Video


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